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Comic Review: Eternals

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Group of sleeper cell gods and goddesses that control the mythical powers of good and evil in the universe. "Alexa, play Infinity War but with much larger stakes and 20 times the characters.”

Hints Of: Would you hate me if I said Hercules

Warning: Not much here, but if you aren't a Marvel stan i'd get out fast.

Publisher Synopsis:

Against the backdrop of Marvel's Civil War, the Eternals are awakening one by one from a strange, waking dream, at once coming to terms with the fact that they are far more than the normal people they have thought themselves to be. They find there is little time to commiserate about such things, however, as they are thrust into a life and death struggle that spans both time and space!


So I love Marvel, and I think i'm a pretty well educated guy. But this comic book threw me for a time loop.

The Eternals are a group of individuals much like the Avengers were. Special powers and abilities that give each a unique set of skills which are complimented by their fellow Eternals. However, the twist here is that they are immortal gods that have been around since the creation of the universe itself. We are seeing them as they are awakening to their identities. The time period is Marvel Civil War (not between the North and South but between Iron Man and Captain America.)

Our heroes are asleep you see, unaware of their powers and abilities. They are woken up by a strange dream which shows each as the heroes they are. We learn also that they are timeless. Two of our eternals are in love with each other constantly throughout time. Roman, Greek, Egyptian, always loving one another. It’s sweet. Another is constantly seeking power (think Loki). A third is sort of the Superman of the group, golden haired, revered amongst the Eternals.

One Eternal though is perpetually in the body of a young boy. Sprite is his name and he is PISSED at not having an erection let me tell ya. Sprite it turns out was behind this sleep like state the Eternals have been put under. See he wanted to grow up, become famous, and have sex finally. Unfortunately he had to make a deal with the Eternals enemies. The changlings. This race of creature has been hiding in plain sight as humans however underneath the surface...well let’s just say the conspiracy theory that all politicians are secretly lizard people would be nice.

Eternals by Neil Gaiman is a crash course into a complex group. There are like 100 different Eternals and we only get to meet the main few in this initial novella. However, what Gaiman and Romuta Jr create here surely cements Eternals into the Marvel Universe.

Im eager and excited to see this film in theatres but if you want a head start, check this comic book out!

Drink Pairing: The Eternal Spirit

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