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Like the prompt says. We're a couple of gin lovers with a serious reading problem. But the first rule of an addiction is admitting you have one. We hope this blog and your time with us is filled with laughter and learning about a bunch of great authors and artists. Sit back, shake or stir one, and join us on this journey!

The number of book blogs these days is more exhausting than the opening chapter of "The Hobbit". But hear us out...


Our favorite books fall into three general genres - fantasy, science fiction & dystopian. We like to pride ourselves on reviews that aren't taken too seriously but just serious enough to get you buzzed. 


We'll rotate this blog between our favorites & what we're currently reading. We'll also occasionally throw some comic books in to shake things up. This way you'll get some OG literature as well as the latest "Netflix Binge show you didn't know was a book first". These are not likely on Oprah's or Reese's Book Lists, but they're worth the read.


In addition, for every book we review we'll offer a drink we believe fits it's message. Or we may just feel like its a day for a cocktail. Because we're adults. The recipes & reviews are in their respective tabs. 

May the wind under your wings bear you. Live Long & Prosper. And remember. Never fire a laser in a metal garbage chute.


Want a peak inside our reading style? Here's a look at G&T's Amazon List

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