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Comic Review: Darth Vader - The Dark Lord of the Sith

Publisher Website: Charles Soule (Author), Giuseppe Camuncoli (Artist)

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This review might ruffle some feathers about Star Wars in general. We have some unpopular opinions regarding the subject. But this is our over it.

Hints of: Its Star Wars...its hints of Star Wars

Warning: None. Its pretty tame for a comic book. Then again...its Disney affiliated now.

Publisher Synopsis: The book begins one second after the end of Revenge of the Sith. Darth Vader is in the armored suit that we see throughout the rest of his life, most of his life. He is just awakening to that moment and that realization. So he has shouted No! in the way we see in the film, and then it picks up immediately after that point. So we see him adjusting to that. We see him learning to be more machine than man. We see him going through some really, really cool early moments of his early mythology and history.

Review: Lets begin. I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan. Obviously watched the movies over and over and have become a massive fan of the animated series' as well. Nothing can really disappoint me when it comes to Star Wars...and that includes this. My first dive into the comic book canon series and I'm starting from the top.

Darth Vader Dark Lord of the Sith is in marriage to the prequels. Which (and don't you dare stop reading now) are actually my favorite of the movies *GASP*.

Let me explain.

The prequels are some of the most engaging plot lines of the entire saga. Living in these times, watching the downfall of a political system is FASCINATING. It also doesn't hurt to go watch "The Clone Wars" animated series. This show gives so much umpf to the prequels it will truly make them your favorites as well. Also Jar Jar gets a bad wrap. Please remember that Yoda was a quirky character in the original trilogy also. So. Don't come for me. K? K.


Starting right after Revenge of the Sith, this series kicks off with Vader struggling to realize what exactly has happened to his world. The death of his wife is so much to bare emotionally he strikes out in anger diving deeper into the dark side. We begin the series with Palpatine instructing Vader to search for his new light-saber. Already we see the conflict rising within him as he is instructed on exactly what he must to to obtain his new Sith saber.

If you watch the animated series you learn that there is a process each force wielder must go through to obtain their saber. They find his or her own kyber crystal, mostly within their faction's temples scattered throughout the galaxy, and wield their sabers to their liking. Designing them to be a reflection of their inner spirits. We learn also that the color of the sabers reflects their devotions to specific aspects of the force. With Sith however, each of their swords is red due to the conflict and pain the crystal goes through during a Sith's saber ceremony.

This is such a great story line to start out with because as we all know Vader was a Jedi before. Vader obviously has a light-saber already. However, this saber is no good to Palpatine and his sinister plan and is thrown into the pyre with the others during the ceremony celebrating the victory over the Jedi on the grand plaza of the Imperial Senate building.

Even small things like that ceremony are like candy to any avid Star Wars fan. Entire movies are created over one or two lines and that is one of the more amazing things about this saga. Throughout the series we get glimpses of the Death Star, tying in characters from the movie Rouge One. We even learn more about the Inquisitor legion, introduced in Rebel's animated series. The Inquisitors are fallen Jedi tasked with hunting down any surviving Jedi. Finally, we also meet many Jedi never discussed or briefly discussed in the movies and shows. This is what, in my opinion, is the bread and butter of this comic book series. These story lines introduce whole new worlds into the religion that is the Force.

My final review on this series, though I've really just begun and could do one on each individual issue if I wanted, is this. If Annakin's timeline, and Vader's evil nature, never really made sense to you, or felt off, or rushed. Read this series. Some of the scenes and acts that Vader performs strike so much more of a crescendo to just how powerful and evil this character is than anything else in the Star Wars realm. Which that statement there is a testament to how well written and drawn this comic is.

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