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A Blue Sharish Gin & Tonic

Updated: Oct 7, 2021


2 ounces gin (Needed: Blue Sharish)

6 ounces tonic water

1​ orange slice.


1. Fill large coppa glass with ice.

2. Add Sharish Gin.

3. Pour tonic water down bar spoon (or regular spoon) slowly.

4. Garnish with fresh slice of orange.

Book Pairing: Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo (Reviewed Mar. 21, 2020)

I knew going into reading Ninth House I wanted a "magic" infused gin cocktail. I needed something simple, as it's based around a college town. So basic college G & T. But. This. Gin. Changes. Color. YUP. When you add tonic water, it changes from purple to blue to pink. This fit the bill. Also you must serve it in a coppa glass - you can sub a large wine goblet as well. Don't have one? Every gin drinker needs a large wine goblet - head to Amazon, folks. I also appreciate this orange slice. I don't like limes. Ninth House doesn't strike me as a pre-sliced "bar lime" kind of novel. Grab yourself some Vitamin C. Enjoy!

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