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A Jynnan Tonnyax

Updated: Oct 7, 2021


2 tablespoons gin (Suggested: Boodles Rhubarb)

4 tablespoons Ginger Ale (Alternative: Ginger Liquer)

For Garnish:

1 Mint Spring

Rhubarb Peel


1. Add ice to glass.

2. Add Gin.

3. Add Ginger Ale.

4. Stir.

5. Add Mint & Rhubarb Garnish.

Book Pairing: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Reviewed May 28, 2020)

This book does a play on words for a number of drinks - how convenient they do a play on a classic Gin & Tonic as "A Jynnan Tonnyax". While it's served to Arthur and Ford on Golgafrinchans "Ark B", I'd like to imagine it served at Milliway's. So obvvviouslyyy that's a fancy AF restaurant so we're gonna change up the classic. Ever tried Rhubarb Gin? I feel like Milliway's would serve it. It goes well with Ginger Ale, so throw out that tonic water! Add your garnish. BAM! 5 Minutes Top. Off to the next planet for you, Hitchhiker. Enjoy!

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